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Additional Specification: skill level: Beginner/Intermediate stiffness: Medium core: Wooden Poplar profile of Flocka Width: Standard
Additional Information: purpose: Freestyle – Fs boards are suitable for park, Pipe and slope. Standard Width of the backboard – perfect width if your shoe size is not greater than 45. standard inserts are based on inserts to find the core of the board consisting of a dozen or so threaded holes. The standard mounting allows for the installation of ties in several dozen different positions relative to each other as well as boards.
Shape of the board: Twin Tip the shape of the board is responsible for the behavior of the board when driving on the switch, and also for how the board responds to the ride in deep down. Twin Tip is a symmetrical board, the front and back of the board are the same length, center of gravity distributed centrally. The shape is mainly used in freestyle and Jibbets.
Profile: Flat flat is a flat board construction combining the advantages of camber and rocker. It is very versatile, its profile is flat, so that the entire length of the edge Adjoins the snow regardless of the situation. Allows you to play without sacrificing vigorous turns.
Board length 161 (cm), effective edge 125.4 (cm), Waist Width 254 (mm), turning radius 7.3

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